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A2 (To Level A 2/3)

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A2 (To Level A 2/3)

Duration: 120hr

Perfectly designed for beginners, this course is the second course of the French as a second language training program that goes from absolute beginner to level C with the aim of preparing with excellence for the second language evaluation in the public service. A2 is the second part that includes three to reach level A (A1, A2 and A3) and it includes 40 classes.

Vocabulaire: 30h
Grammaire: 30h
Comprehension: 30h
Oral: 40h
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A2 (To Level A 2/3) Video Tutorial


Our French Training Programme is broken down into:
– Introduction to French A0, a great introduction for true beginners
– To Level A 1 to 3, Beginner Level.

– To Level B 1 to 3, Intermediate Level.

– To Level C 1 to 3, Advanced Level.

Each course is broken down into 40 classes that consist of 3 to 5 topics (Grammar, Pronunciation, Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Oral)

Total classes10404040404040404040
PFL2B&COF#1-12OF#13-22OF#23-33OF#34-40Written PrepELS prepEtape 1Etape 2Etape 3
S.L.ELevel ALevel BLevel C

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