Success on Level B or Level C

MyLearningMyWay is the only dedicated source for all the language training and tools you need.

Easy to Use

  • Accessible on all your devices: Android, Apple, Blackberry; PC, tablets, mobiles
  • Learn wherever you are
  • Convenience – wherever and whenever
  • Your learning fits your schedule

Test Preparation

  • SLE – Test of Reading Comprehension 12 Practice Tests
  • SLE – Test of Written Expression 13 Practice Tests
  • SLE – Test of Oral Proficiency 16 Practice Tests
  • Extensive audio library to help you improve your abilities on Part 2 and Part 4
  • Relevant grammar and vocabulary exercises to help you improve your score

Relevant Training

  • Professional vocabulary, workplace context
  • Learning on the go – accessible wherever you are, whenever you want it
  • Focus on areas that are needed to achieve Levels B or C on the SLE
  • Focus on areas of particular difficulties for English Speakers learning French
  • Audio Library for comprehension
  • Drill style exercises to ensure that it all becomes automatic
  • Quizzes and progress bars to help you track your achievement