Salary grid / Grille des salaires

University degree/Diplôme universitaireFrom a Canadian university or equivalency from a Canadian agency
ExperienceTeaching French or English to Federal public servants in Canada using PFL2/CEWP
Security clearance/Côte de fiabilitéSecurity screening certificate from government of Canada
Seniority/AnciennetéNumber of months/years teaching/working at KC
Availability/DisponibilitéYour availability on a weekly basis
Mobility/MobilitéYour teaching locations within Ottawa/Gatineau
Certification OLT-2016Online Teaching Certification provided by MyLearningMyWay
Project management/Gestion de projetExperience in second language training project management (Required for Learning Advisor position)

Hourly rates provided by this calculator are for informational purposes only, they are not contractual. They are calculated based on business management costs, customer billing rates in the Ottawa/Gatineau area therefore rates are subject to change without notice.
Les taux horaires donnés par ce calculateur sont à titre purement indicatif et ne sont en aucun cas contractuel. Ils sont calculés en fonction des coûts de gestion d’entreprise, des taux de facturation des clients dans la région d’Ottawa/Gatineau donc ces taux sont sujets à changement sans préavis.