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Determine your current level
and which Unit you should start.

Schedule your Virtual Classroom

Please book your Virtual Classroom sessions at your convenience.

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Course Descriptions

Duration: 20-30 hours
Lessons: 6
Prerequisite: No

Vocabulary: Survival kit – Introduce Yourself
Comprehension : French vs English – Numbers
Oral: Listen & Repeat – Greetings

Duration: 120 hours
Lessons: 40
Prerequisite: No

. Vocabulary (30h):
Introductions –Description – A day at the office – Travel
. Grammar (30h):
Basic Verbs – Determiners – Numbers – Present Tense – Prepositions
. Comprehension (30h)
. Pronounciation (10h)
. Oral (30h): Virtual Classroom

Duration: 150 hours
Lessons: 40
Prerequisite: Unit 1 Test

. Vocabulary (40h):
Occupations – Training – Mentoring – Conflicts – Performance Evaluation
. Grammar (40h):
Future and Conditional Tenses – Adjectives and Adverbs – Past Tenses
. Comprehension (40h)
. Oral (30h): Virtual classroom

Duration: 170 hours
Lessons: 40
Prerequisite: Unit 2 Test

. Vocabulary (40h):
Project Management – Leadership – Motivation – Negotiation
. Grammar (40h):
Connectors – Review of Past Tenses – Passive Voice – Subjunctive – Indirect Speech
. Written Comprehension (30h)
. Oral Comprehension (30h)
. Oral (30h): Virtual classroom

Duration: 170 hours
Lessons: 40
Prerequisite: Unit 3 test

. Vocabulary (40h):
Professional Relationships – Financial Management – Employee Retention
. Grammar (40h): Review
. Written Comprehension (30h)
. Oral Comprehension (30h)
. Oral (30h): Virtual classroom

Duration: 45 hours
• Practice Tests of Written Expression
• Practice Tests of Reading Comprehension
• test strategies
• 6 hours of instructor Virtual Classroom

Prerequisite: Unit 4 completed

Duration: 60 hours
• 60 hours of instructor Virtual Classroom
• 2 intensive preparation weeks for the Test of Oral Proficiency (TOP)
• Mastering part 1, 2,3 and 4 of the TOP

Prerequisite: Unit 4 completed


Where should I start?

This membership (To Level B) is composed of 7 courses from Introduction to French to Unit 4,
each unit could be done and completed separately, but for each one you will be asked to pass the prerequisite test of the preceding unit.

Once you have completed Unit 4 you are ready to start the Test Preparation courses (Written and/or Oral).

Determine your level and where to start:


How many hours do I need with an instructor?

You have 200 Virtual Classroom hours included in the membership. Here is the Virtual Classroom classes/hours breakdown for each courses:

Course Nb of Virtual Classroom Virtual Classroom Duration Total Hours
Introduction to French N/A N/A N/A
Unit 1 40 45 min 30 hours
Unit 2 40 45 min 30 hours
Unit 3 40 45 min 30 hours
Unit 4 40 45 min 30 hours
Written Test Prep 6 60 min 6 hours
Oral Test Prep 60 60 min 60 hours
Bank Hours* 14 60 min 14 hours*
TOTAL 200 hours

*14 hours are available at anytime at your convenience. We advise you to use those hours in case:
1- you are stuck in your learning progression and you need to spend more time with an instructor;
2- you would like to review specific items at the end of a Unit;
3- you would like to have more Virtual Classrooms in the Written Test Prep course;
4- you feel you might take twice the Test of oral Proficiency and you would like to have Virtual Classrooms.

When to schedule a Virtual Classroom?

Throughout your training, you will have more than 200 hours in the virtual classroom. These hours can be scheduled at anytime, 24 hours/7 days a week. Although you can cancel (refer to, Can I cancel a scheduled Oral practice class/Virtual Classroom?) 24 hours in advance, we recommend you schedule your class (refer to, How to schedule an Oral practice class/Virtual Classroom?) at least 1 week in advance.
To maximize your training, we recommend finding a consistent schedule that fits your schedule. Whether that be 1 virtual class, 3 virtual classes, or 7 virtual classes per week. Creating a consistent schedule will help keep you focused and on track to achieving your levels.

How to schedule an Oral practice class/ Virtual Classroom?

It’s simple! Just pick the day and time you are available.
Whenever you are ready to take your oral practice classes, click on the button below in your Homepage:

Virtual Classroom Request

Or mouse over Virtual Classroom in the menu and click on Schedule a Virtual Classroom:


Can I cancel a scheduled Oral practice class/Virtual Classroom?

Yes, the cancellation policy is 24 business hours.
Go to the CANCEL A SESSION page. To cancel any session, please click on the CANCEL button.

cancellation session

How can I cancel my monthly membership?

When a member who has an active monthly subscription requests to cancel it, the account will be automatically cancel when the cancellation date arrives. The cancellation date is determined at the time the account is requested to be canceled and depends on where the member is in the subscription. For example, if a member cancels halfway through the month, the cancellation date will be set for approximately 15 days in the future.

If you do decide to cancel your monthly membership you can do so on MY ACCOUNT page.



Go to MY ACCOUNT page



Click on CANCEL

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28 cancel

Support / Help

Should you need any help or immediate assistance,

1- Use our Live Chat at the bottom left of this page
2- Feel free to fill the support form, we will get back to you within few hours 7 days a week:

Support/ Help

Customer Service: +1 613-233-2112, ext. 0  (Business hours: Monday-Friday 8:00AM-4:00PM E.T Canada)