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Live Online Training

In order to assign you the instructor that best suits your needs, please send us the information.
You will receive an email with all the details and start your training in 2 days.

Once you register you will receive a confirmation email with all the details you will need to get ready for class and instructions for logging in to the MLMW portal.
Once you paid, just pick a time and date in the calendar to book your class(es). If you run into any trouble, don’t worry. We can help
On the day of class click on the join class link to launch and join your class.

French Group Classes

with a certified instructor

English Group Classes

with a certified instructor

French Private Classes

with a certified instructor

English Private Classes

with a certified instructor

You can join your virtual classroom by clicking the link with your name and then entering the password we provided you with the email invitation.

Then, you have two options:

  • JOIN VIA ZOOM APP: (recommended) You will be prompt to download an app (Zoom client) to join the meeting. The app provides more features and flexibility
  • JOIN VIA WEB BROWSER: You can join the meeting with Google Chrome, Firefox. It is not recommended if you are using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.


  • High-Speed internet
  • Headset
  • Google Chrome browser


  • Install the Android or iOS app (Zoom Cloud Meetings) from Google Play store or App store)
  • Enter the meeting ID number and the password provided in the email invitation.

Test your internet connection by joining a test virtual classroom

La certification OLT-2016™ est une certification de personnel.
Elle atteste que les professeurs de langue seconde ont reçu la formation en adéquation avec les exigences et les caractéristiques définies dans le référentiel.

Avec la certification OLT-2016, MyLearningMyWay veut montrer que l’entreprise est dans une démarche non seulement de qualité, mais également d’évaluation et d’assurance de la qualité. Cela signifie en outre qu’elle tâche de se conformer à des procédures de références, faisant autorité au niveau international.

It is intended to provide quality online training to learners.
Although there is an obvious difference between offline training and online training, there are a lot of similarities as well.

Online teaching provides ways for instructors to expand their professional roles. In addition, instructors can teach to their passions, rather than leaving teaching for administrative positions or new challenges outside the field.